Shawn & Lizzie Jensen have a passion for the misfits and outcast (one reason they love planting churches in rural areas). They have a mandate to encourage the Church to be who they have always been called to be, dangerous. Jesus was anything but safe, and in order for us to see revival in our towns and cities, God is asking his church to be dangerous to the forces of darkness.

Shawn & Lizzie are the founding Pastors of Authentic Church in Pontiac, IL. A church plant that started in a living room in 2012, and has grown to 300+ people in 3 years. They have a dream of planting churches throughout backyard (rural) America and witness a revival blaze in the forgotten towns.

Shawn & Lizzie live in Pontiac, IL where they love spending time and playing with their two daughters; Avery Belle and Charlie Rose.