We enjoy coming together as a crowd, but we also enjoy the life change that comes from community. In this season, we will experience a blend of both. The first week of the month, we will gather together at the Roadhouse to celebrate all God is doing in our church. For all of the other weeks, our House Churches meet throughout the community on either Sundays or Wednesdays. We understand this is an uncomfortable step for some of you, however following Jesus is anything but comfortable. We believe when you join a House Church you will be glad you have. So, no matter if you are single, married, have kids, or don’t have kids, we have a House Church designed for you to learn to look like Jesus in your everyday life. Look below for some common questions about House Church.

What does a house church look like?

From day one we have said that the building is not the church, WE are the church. So a House Church isn’t really about a space as much as it is about the people inside. House Churches meet in different locations throughout our community. When you walk into a House Church, it will feel like walking into a friend’s house to watch the game or have a game night (snacks, drinks, friendly people). When the House Church starts, the group will watch the Online Experience full of songs and a message from a pastor or speaker. At the end of the message, there will be discussion questions that the group will unpack together. No one is going to force you to talk, but you could be encouraged to find out just how many people are dealing with the same things you are! We believe it’s in these moments we grow as followers of Jesus. Before the House Church is over, there will be a time of prayer.

What about my kids?

We are passionate about raising the next generation to look like Jesus. Our House Churches with families will have a space for kids to enjoy their own personal worship experience, designed with them in mind. There will be a minimum of two kids’ leaders who have been background checked, trained, and prepared to make sure your kids experience Jesus. This is definitely not a place to stick kids out of sight and out of mind! When the adults’ and kids’ experiences are over, we encourage all ages to come together and learn what community is all about!

How long are house churches?

Our House Churches are approximately 90 minutes. We say approximately because that is the amount of time it will most likely take to watch the experience together and discuss the message questions as a group. However, we have heard countless stories of people hanging out a whole lot longer because they have enjoyed it so much! If you have to leave when the experience is over, go for it.  There are no limits, we are just glad you have chosen to be a part of a House Church!

If you have any other questions, please email us at with “House Church” in the subject line.