Authentic Groups

We thrive in community
Strength happens in numbers; we aren’t called to do this alone.

  • What are Authentic Groups?

    Authentic Groups are sermon-based small groups that meet throughout the week and are learning to look like Jesus in their everyday lives. Groups usually consist of eight to fourteen people that meet in houses, restaurants, parks, and in other areas. As a church, we truly believe that this is where growth happens.

  • What is the subject matter at the groups?

    Since Authentic Groups are sermon-based, the subject matter is centered on the sermon preached at the previous week’s experience. This allows the church to stay unified and on mission as we band together to make a difference in our community.

  • Are there different groups for different people?

    Yes! Even though all the groups will be going through the same subject matter, some groups may be designed for certain people. For instance, there may be a group for women, men, co-ed, married couples, young adults, and students.

  • How long do these groups last?

    Authentic Groups meet for 12 consecutive weeks, three times a year. We launch these groups at the beginning of January, May, and September, and take April, August and December off.


We have a heart of generosity
Serving our community is a privilege. Jesus was generous with his life, so we will be generous with our time, treasures, and talents.

Our Squads are made up of people who create engaging environments for people to experience Jesus.

Squads serve everyone they come in contact with at Authentic Church.

What squad should I be a part of? Check out the opportunities below and then sign up here.

  • Welcome

    This squad makes guests feel welcome from the time they drive into our parking lot. There are many opportunities on this squad to make our guests feel like they belong.

  • Authentic Kids

    Authentic Church loves kids! This squad is for those adults who still like to play with Legos. If you have a lot of energy and want to teach kids about Jesus, this squad is for you.

  • Production

    Lights, loud music, videos! This squad is for those who have a passion to do things big. And have a heart to create an authentic worship experience for our guests.

  • Worship

    If you like to jam out, have a musical skill, and a passion for worship, here is a squad designed for just that.

  • House

    This squad is a “during the week” squad. If you like to be behind the scenes, but want to serve the house, this is it. The house squad takes care of the roadhouse throughout the week.