Mark Lewis is our head contractor here at The Roadhouse. He has been on site faithfully for the past two weeks, most of the time for more than 12 hours a day. He’s using his gifts and talents to see this building transformed from a place of brokenness to a house of hope. As soon as the vision for The Roadhouse was cast, Mark hopped on board and put his entire life on hold to help renovate our new home. He’s even had some of his own work crew come in and donate their time and skills to the church! Here are few words from him on why he’s doing this and what it means to him.

When did you and your family start attending Kulture?
My wife, Sandy, was coming for about 2 1/2 years. I got baptized about a year ago at All In Sunday with my son Joseph and I’ve been solid since then.

“This was something God told us to do and invest in, and we didn’t want to hesitate to be obedient.”

What made you guys jump on board with The Roadhouse building project?
Basically, God told us to! He told me to put my life on hold and do it. So I shut my business down and told my customers they had to wait until the church was done and the couple guys I was hiring I told them they had to wait too. This was something God told us to do and invest in, and we didn’t want to hesitate to be obedient.

So you’ve been here every day since the project started?
Yup, I’ve been here every day since we closed on the building 15 days ago. I’m here from 7 in the morning until 7 to 10 o’clock at night. We take Sundays off, though. Sandy is here pretty much every day and night. She misses a day here and there, but just because she has to, because, I mean, somebody has to do the laundry! But whenever she can be here, she’s here.

Do you have any memories of this building when it was the Crystal Palace or Freaksters? And what does it mean to you to see this go from a bar to a church?
Oh yeah, I was a drinker before, but I quit drinking and smoking about 11 years ago. But, yeah, I got drunk here a few times, got in a couple fights here. I don’t really remember much about my visits, though, but to see this turning into a church is great! At the open house we had on Sunday I saw a few people walking through here and breakdown because of the memories they have here. They were happy cries, though, tears of joy because of what this used to be and what it’s turning into.

“I’m investing my whole life into this, but to see the turnaround of this place makes it all worth it.”

Is this an avenue you feel like you’re using to serve the church?
This is what God called me to do. He’s changed me a bunch. I’ve donated money I’ve never dreamed I would donate. I held onto it for three weeks, and I just kept feeling God tell me to give it. So I finally did, I went up to RP Lumber and bought a bunch of material and then gave the rest to the church. The day Pastor Shawn talked about the chair campaign I gave what I had to it. God has blessed me so much in my business so I figured why not give it back? I’m investing my whole life into this, but to see the turnaround of this place makes it all worth it.

It’s obvious you’re gifted at this. Do you feel like this is a way that God is using your gifts and talents?
I absolutely feel I’m using my gifts and talents. God told me “You know what to do, so do it.” He just started throwing ideas in my mind and I started doing it.

Mark, we cannot even begin to thank you enough for all you’ve done and are doing for the church. We’re beyond thankful God put you and Sandy here to serve, build, and further the kingdom here in Pontiac and the surrounding towns. You may never know the full impact this will have on people, but just know that because of your attitude, ability, and obedience, countless lives will be forever changed by the love of Jesus.


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